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About Us

Owner- Mitchell Oliver

Let me introduce myself as the owner of this company. I am a devoted family man with christian values.  I am honest and hardworking to ensure your trust.  I really enjoy building a strong fence that will last.  I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to build fences for 34 years.  I hope to have the opportunity for you to see my work and have you as a client in the future.   


I want to insure your trust that I will be at every job site to make you feel more at ease.  


Building fences is like creating a masterpiece.  It is my passion to create a work of art for my customers.

Excellence and Professionalism 
I have been doing this since 1981.  I personally started this company in 1996.
Depending on the weather and the size of the job, typical completion is 3-4 days. 
As an owner I personally offer lifetime warranty workmanship.   





This is what you will expect at every job site.  A company truck and myself to ensure trust in my company.

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